Opening Plenary Lecture ISCC

Pat Sandra. After 38 meetings … is capillary GC approaching the status of mature technology ? 

Invited Lectures ISCC

Jared Anderson. Structural Tuning of Ionic Liquids and Polymeric Ionic Liquids for Applications in Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography and Sample Preparation.

Armstrong Daniel. Evolution of Three Decades of Separations Research.

Carlo Bicchi. The fundamental role of sampling and separation sciences in the definition of multitrophic phenomena.

Achille Cappiello.  Expanding the Identification and Quantitation Potential of Direct-EI-LC-MS Interface for the Analysis of Complex Samples. 

Alberto Cavazzini. Online Fluorous Solid-Phase Extraction (FSPE)-LC-MS/MS for quantitative determination of perfluorinated compounds.

Alejandro Cifuentes. A new Foodomics study integrating metabolomics and transcriptomics platforms to evaluate the anticancer activity of food compounds.

Danilo Corradini. Background electrolyte additives for capillary electrophoresis of biomolecules.

Hernan Cortes. The Continuing Evolution of Multidimensional Chromatography.

Frank David. Evaluation of GC-MS approaches for the determination of allergens in perfumes and cosmetics.

Gert Desmet. In - depth study of the kinet performance of fully poros and core-shell packed LC columns.

Katja Dettmer. Gas chromatography-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry - a valuable tool for metabolomics.

Jaap de Zeeuw. Consideration for Choosing a Different Carrier Gas in Gas Chromatography.

Paola Dugo. Comprehensive 2D-LC: A Rapid Evolution of a Powerful technique.

Salvatore Fanali. Separation pf Chiral Compounds in Food Analysis: A Challenging Issue for CEC and nanp-LC. 

Amadeo R. Fernandez-Alba. Application of a New GC and LC -MS Approaches to Overcome Current Analytical Difficulties in Pesticide Residue Analysis.

Isabelle Francoise. Ultrasensitive and selective radioactive detection by large volume injections and heart-cutting two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2D-LC).

Arjen Gerseen. Chip Based Microfluidic UPLC-MS their Impact upon Challenges in the Detection of Small Molecules in Food Safety. 

Paul Haddad. Strategies for achieving universal response and calibration for aerosol-based detectors in liquid chromatography.

Emily Hilder. Polimeric Monolith Materials for Miniaturised and Automated Sample Preparation,

Christian Huber. Analyzing very large molecules with miniaturized HPLC-MS methods: method development for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Stephen Jacobson. Single Particle Electrophoresis in Nanochannels.

Pavel Jandera.  Possibilities of using a single monolithic micro-column in two- and three-dimensional LC separations of phenolic antioxidants.

Jean-Marc Joumier. Advantages of Atmospheric Pressure chemical ionization Gas Chromatography (APGC) MS/MS for the selective detection and quantification at trace level.

Robert Kennedy. New Approaches to protein analysis using microchip electrophoresis.

Jeroen Kool. High resolution GC fractionation of complete chromatograms for combined on-line and off-line analysis.

Risto Kostiainen. Capillary chromatography-atmospheric pressure photoionization/mass spectrometry.

Fernando Lancas. On-line combination of sample preparation and liquid chromatography using column switching techniques in miniaturized scale.

Michael Laemmerhofer.  Nanoparticle-based sample preparation for selective analysis of oxidized low-density lipoproteins and phospholipids by HPLC-MS.

Milton Lee. Hand-Portable Instrumentation for Gas and Liquid Chromatography.

Jim Luong. Characterization of Phenol and Alkyl Phenols in Organic Matrices with Monoethylene Glycol Extraction and Multidimensional Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry.

Paolo Magni. A Helium Gas Conserving Inlet for Gas Chromatography.

Abdul Malik. Sol-Gel Chemistry-Based Column Technology for Capillary Gas Chromatography

Fausto Munari. On-Line LC-GC:  a multidimentional chromatographic method to solve difficult analytical problems. A new dedicated instrument that enhances the use of this technique. 

Peter Myers. Liquid Crystals and as Gas Sensors and controllable phases in HPLC.

Milos Novotny. Sub-2 µm Silica Particles with Internal Porosity: Characteristics and Analytical Implications.

Koji Otsuka. Development of Novel Separation Media for Microscale Analysis

Janusz Pawliszyn. Thin Film Microextraction (TFME). 

Elia Psillakis. A Novel Design for Vacuum-Assisted Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction.

Michaele Ramsey. Highly Miniaturized CE-ESI-HPMS System.

Marja-Liisa Riekkola. Solid phase microextraction sampling and portable gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for atmospheric air measurements.

Michael Roper. Miniaturized separations for measuring the dynamics of peptide secretion.

Yoshihiro Saito. Sample Preparation Needles for the Analysis of Various Volatile Organic Compounds in Gas Chromatography.

Koen Sandra. Multidimensional LC and Comprehensive LCxLC  in Biopharmaceutical Analysis.

Peter Schoenmakers. Optimization of comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatographic (LC×LC) separations.

Kevin Schug. A New Vacuum Ultraviolet Detector for Gas Chromatography.

Mark Schure. Orthogonally Metrics in Two-Dimensional Chromatography: what constitutes a good Chromatogram.

Leonard Sidisky. Polyionic Ionic Liquid GC Stationary Phase Evaluations.

Frantisek Svec. What can nanoscience do for studies with monoliths ?.

Roman Szucs. Oppoutunities and Limitations of Retention Time Prediction in Liquid Chromatography.  

Didier Thiebaut. Monolithic Silica and Sputtered Stationary Phases In Micro Machined Gas Chromatography Columns For Oilfield Applications.

Kevin Thurbide. Properties of Capillary Gas Chromatography Using Water as a Stationary Phase.

Steven Wilson. Open tubular enzyme reactors and LC columns for high performance protein analysis.

Mary Wirth. Slip Flow in Top-Down Proteomics.

Adam Woolley. Integrated microfluidic devices that combine electrochromatographic extraction and electrophoretic separation.

Chao Yan. Capillary Electrochromatography and its Applications in metabolomics and Biological Analyses.

Ralf Zimmerman. Haracterization of complex mixtures: High and Ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry as detector for one-dimensional and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography.


Young Scientist Lectures ISCC

Erik Guetschow. Droplet-based Screening of Enzyme Modulators Using sub-second Micro Chip Electrophoresis.

Indranil Mitra. Comparative Profiling by Microchip Electrophoresis of Serum N-Glycans from Cancer Patients.

Alexandros Lamprou. Monolithic Thin Layers for TLC-MALDI MS Separations of Peptides and Fatty Acids.

James Treadway. 1.1 Micron Superficially Porous Particles for Biological Separations

Zuzana Zajickova. Hybris Organo-Silica Monolithic Capillaries: Optimizing Separation Performance by Tuning Preparation Conditions. 


Invited Lectures GCxGC

Tomas Brenna.  Microfabricated reactors for Volatiles Analysis by GCxGCC-IRMS.

Chiara Cordero. Multidimensionality in sensomics: around a cup of tea.

John Dimandja. Molecular Connectivity in GCxGC – Development of a Novel Structural Elucidation Tool.

Frank Dorman. Determination of Occurrence and Fate of Emerging Contaminants through Waste-water Monitoring Using GCxGC-TOFMS.

Jeff Focant. Postmortem Measurement of Cadaveric VOCs in human Internal Cavity Gases.

Glenn Frysinger. The Advancement of GCxGC of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Tadeusz Gorecki. GCxGC is not perfect yet (but it can get better!).

James Harynuk. A library of thermodynamic data for GC and GC×GC – progress and opportunities.

Hans-Gerd Janssen. Theoretical and Practical Approaches for Parameter Selection in Comprehensive Two-dimensional GC.

Peter Haglund. Use of GCxGC-MS and GCxGC-HRMS to characterize effluents from small and large scale sewage treatment facilities and identify emerging contaminants.

Tuulia Hyotylainen. Identification of metabolic biomarkers for traumatic brain injury by GC(xGC-)TOFMS.

Matthew Klee. A Critical Review of the Current Status of GCxGC.

Philip Marriott. Insights on orthogonality in GCxGC.

Albert Robbart. Accurate Analysis of PAH, PASH and their Alkylated Homologues by Spectral Deconvolution of GC/MS and GCxGC/MS data. 

Hans-Georg Schmarr. Ripening-dependent volatile profiling of Pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr) fruit by GCxGC-qMS and chemometric data analysis.

Robert Shellie. Multi-Multi-Dimensional Gas Chromatography.

Peter Quinto Tranchida. Flow-modulated GCxlow-pressureGC: a novel approach for high resolution/sensitivity GC separations.

Rina van der Westhuizen. GCxGC with TOF-MS, FID and SCD detection for analysis of products from desulphurisation catalyst testing in ultra clean fuel refining processes.

Edward Zellers. Toward a Microfabricated Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatograph (μGCx μGC)





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